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Jason Richard Thrift (born March 27, 1977 in Anderson, South Carolina) is a Registered Nurse and published author.

Jason began his nursing career in 2001 and continues that occupation to this day, now on the nursing informatics aspect of patient care.

As a child, Jason loved telling stories to classmates during creative writing time. He had a dream of one day becoming a published author, inspired by the stories, books and films he loved growing up. In 2007 he had his first novel published entitled The Civilization Loop. This science fiction story dealt with End Times events in 2012 relating to a calamity occurring as a result of time travel. His second novel was published in 2008 entitled Recreant, a horror story about a biological weapon that brings your fears to life. His third novel Beyond the Loop was published in March 2010. This story is a prequel/parallel to his original, debut novel The Civilization Loop. This novel tells the story of the antagonist, Willis October, and the journey he takes with his stolen time travel device from the future.

Jason plans to write more stories, including a third, and final installment of The Loopthrutime series, as well as many other ideas.