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I save these. Kidding. My username comes from a CAPTCHA on the Wikipedia account registration page. Silly as I think CAPTCHAs are, one of them gave me my username.

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Hey guys, I'm Limesave. My real name is Geoffrey.

Yes, I know this page is boring, but hey, I don't live here, unlike most admins.

I am a fan of classical music, and I listen to it almost exclusively.

My personal pages[edit]

  • /test. My personal sandbox where I test WikiMarkup.
  • /stash. Personal backup of pages.


Pages I've created[edit]

User Sarahhelifax attempted to stifle the page by adding irrelevant tags to the article. Nice try, Sarah.
Kudos to some of the Wikipedia bots that pointed out potential problems with the article. They are fixed as of 17:42, 5 November 2013 (UTC)
  • Compositions 1960 - Created 12 December 2014. At last check, 30 consecutive edits without admin, bureaucrat, or bot interference.
Again, big thanks to some of the Wikipedia bots for fixing issues with the article. now being threatened for deletion! User:Imaginatorium is the perpetrator of this heinous scheme.
UPDATE: 23 December 2014 - The good users of Wikipedia have saved the article from deletion. A huge thanks to User:Altamel and User:AllyD for the keep votes. And to you who produced the completely uncalled for nomination for deletion, nice try.