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Aside for the 400 or so math articles I've created or made major additions to, and the 50 or so images I've created, I have also worked on the following non-math edits:

Category sweeps[edit]

I've recategorized over 2000 articles on WP, and created several dozen categories. Major category work and cleanup is listed at User:Linas/Categories.


Templates I've created:

General Science edits[edit]

I've made major contributions to the following non-math/non-physics science articles:

History of physics

The Oxford Electric Bell -- Contact tension -- The Beverly Clock -- Nobel Prize in Physics -- Principle of least action -- Michelson stellar interferometer -- Schwarzschild radius

Computer science

Literal pool -- Hypervisor -- Ground bounce -- AIX operating system -- IBM RT -- Chipkill -- Forward error correction -- Answer set programming -- Satisfiability Modulo Theories -- Genetic programming -- Probabilistic logic

General science

Meteor -- STEP (satellite) -- Old-house borer -- Photovoltaic array -- Solar panel -- Piracetam -- Lipofuscin -- Lexical unit -- Frequentism

Non-science edits[edit]

I've made major contributions to the following non-science articles: Panevezys County -- Vytenis -- Zvelgaitis -- Squidward Tentacles -- The Knoxville Girl -- Diego Rivera -- Spice wars