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My name is Yiran Li, a common 23 years old Chinese girl from Beijing. Currently I am a new graduate student of Information Science at University of Pittsburgh. During my undergraduate education, my major is E-commerce engineering with law, which is a interdiscipline including the knowledge about programming, commerce and law. I got my Bachelor degree of management at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and got my Bachelor degree of engineering at Queen Mary, University of London.

So far, as a new graduate student, I have some research experience but not that much. The most recent and representative research I have done is to implement an interactive query system based on geographic information system. Users could enter their location as a pair of longitude and latitude, and select which kind facilities or services they want to go. And then the system will return all the satisfied results in a 1 degree longitude * 1 degree latitude square where user is in. The original geographic data I used for this demo is about the USA. All the satisfied results will be translated into JSON file first, and then displayed in a map-like web page which is drawn by D3.

This is the first month for me to be a graduate student. However, I am pretty sure that I will implement more useful and meaningful researches with the knowledge and skills I get in U Pitts in the future two years.