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This is the user page for Noel Paz residing New Mexico USA. Logdrum or Lokole is also one of my favorite instruments. I got mine from a a Nigerian friend and it was made in his village and is hollowed out from a single piece of mahogany.

I am a software engineer who works a lot on embedded systems and pre-silicon, so I know a lot about circuits as well but do not have an EE degree. I do not wish to tell who my employer is but they play a major role in chip design and manufacturing. I am not a very good applications developer and know very little about new Web technologies, although I have a bit of system administration and architecture background. I do think I can contribute to Wikipedia because I can work to a spec very well and have good problem solving skills.

I would be sad if Wikipedia dies or becomes commercial. It is one of the greatest phenomena of this generation and I hope it continues to thrive.