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My interests include:

Agatha Christie's Jane Marple and
Dorothy Sayers's Peter Wimsey
Three of my ancestors are Roger Williams, Philip Sherman, and Cassandra Burnell Southwick. I am related to Texas hero Henry Millard and to U. S. President Millard Fillmore.
My favorite New England people are Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, and Ethan Allen.
Early Baptists
Holiness movement
Christian and Missionary Alliance

I am a participant in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

New Articles Submitted[edit]

  • Biography
Eric Baker (activist)—co-founder of Amnesty International
Joel Bean—Quaker minister
William Coddington—early governor of Rhode Island
John Coggeshall--early leader of Rhode Island
Mary Fisher--early Quaker missionary
Joseph John Gurney—banker and activist
Jester Hairston—choir director, composer, singer, actor
Edward Hicks--painter
Christopher Holder--early Quaker preacher
Elizabeth Hooton--early Quaker preacher
Francis Howgill—early Quaker preacher
Rufus Jones—author, editor, and college professor
Thomas R. Kelly—Quaker missionary, teacher, and author
Phoebe Knapp—composer of hymn tunes
Henry Millard--Texas hero and my distant cousin
Phoebe Palmer-—leader in the Holiness Movement
Edward Pease (1767-1858)--railway owner
John Sanford (ca. 1605-1654)--a founder of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Robert Pearsall Smith--proponent of the Holiness Movement
Hannah Whitall Smith-—speaker and author in the Holiness Movement
Alys Pearsall Smith--wife of Bertrand Russell, humanitarian
Cassandra Burnell Southwick--Quaker martyr, and my direct ancestor
Leroy S. Starrett-—inventor and businessman
M. Carey Thomas-—former president of Bryn Mawr College and suffragist
Mary Vaux Walcott-—naturalist and illustrator
Isaac Wilbour--governor of Rhode Island
  • Geography
Firbank Fell-—a hill in the Lake District of England
  • History
Gaols Act 1823—prison reform act of the United Kingdom
Portsmouth Compact--a founding document of Rhode Island
  • Religion
Blessed Assurance—Christian hymn
Testimony of Equality—Quaker principle
Testimony of Integrity—Quaker principle
Testimony of Simplicity—Quaker principle
Valiant Sixty--a group of early Quaker preachers
Higher Life movement--Christian Holiness movement in the United Kingdom
Conservative Friends--a branch of Quakerism
  • Literature
List of female private detective characters