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What the hell am I all about?[edit]

[[1]] <--Me. (Im new I can't get it to show up on its own..haha. help?)

If you want to know my name, just ask me. I am Mexican-American. I'm still in high school and my favorite color is purple. I don't enjoy where I am now because there's no one that I can currently really relate to. (Everyone's to worried about what they're going to wear tomorrow to listen or understand) I newswatch from Anaheim, California. However, I go to school in Santa Ana. I am on the Honor Roll.(Yes I am the AP, honor student stereotype)

What turns me on[edit]

Purple. Great movies!! Im a real movie goer. Friends..Just having a good time. Honesty, genuine people, modern art!!, home decor. Lots and Lots of LOVE. Trees. :)

What turns me off[edit]

Lairs, people who contradict themselves (hypocrites) smokers, people who make a claim and can't defent it.

On my watch list[edit]

Quantum Mechanics so..far, im really really new!!!

My Status[edit]

I am currently married.

Random Goal[edit]

Live the life of a raw vegan for a week. good luck right?


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