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Carl Martin at home in Cebu, Philippines, 2008.

My name is Carl Martin. I am an artist, writer and software engineer. I have a great love of astronomy, history, myth, legend, philosophy and religion. In fact, I'm fond of most of science.

For more about me and what my interests are, check out:

Ancient Suns and Extrasolar Planets — A site about the universe, astronomy and things ancient.

Carl Martin — A site about Carl Martin, artist, writer and software engineer.

3D Astronomy Space Software — A site about software that takes you to every corner of our region of the galaxy.

Outsiderness in the Scientific Community — An award-winning essay about the barriers in thought which can blind us to the fruits of discovery.

Mission: Atlantis, Proof that something big happened 9600 BCE — A site dedicated to the analysis of science and myth as they relate to the possible past validity of Plato's lost island. This Atlantis quest has already found evidence in a broad range of scientific disciplines in support of past reality of the fateful island.

Genesis Code and the Flood of Noah's Ark — A site dedicated to groundbreaking work of biblical exegesis revealing a Genesis timeline compatible with science, the identity of the culprit behind Noah's Flood, evidence that the Kabbalists contributed to the writing of Genesis, and details of the upcoming book on these subjects — The Bible's Hidden Wisdom, God's Reason for Noah's Flood (pen name, Rod Martin, Jr.).

IMDB Carl Martin profile lists some of the films to which I contributed.