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Lt.Barnes2007 (Nathan Barnes):

Age: 16 D.O.B: 13/12/1991 Gender: M Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia Hobbys: Sport, Soccer (football), Cricket, Rugby League Favourite Teams: Sydney FC, Balmain SC, Wests Tigers Crystal Palace Arsenal FC Fav. Music: (So many bands cant be bothered listing them all lol) Fav. Food: Anything thats kinda sweet, and wont leave me in hospital :D Fav Quote: "Shit Happens"

Hey, im only 16 lol, so go easy on me when i make the odd spelling mistake. also if you could leave tips on how i could improve my articles for teams such as Sydney FC. Also if anyone is willing to help me make a page on Balmain FC, i'd be grateful. btw, i play as keeper for the U/17's Balmain team :D.