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Full Name: Luke Anthony Burgess
Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Currently: working in Mobile Alabama
Also working for the LSEG on laser systems design and simulation for UAH

What Luke Plans to do on Wikipedia[edit]

Luke Anthony Burgess uses Wikipedia often for many purposes.
If something is spotted that Luke believes is incorrect or missing a source Luke will find the source and correct the statement if it needs correction.
Luke has spotted many sentences that he would say have "back-to-back repetitive" words on Wikipedia.
Ex:"They are mostly extensively concentrated on..." Mostly or extensively, having both makes the sentence sound like it is trying to get across an opinionated point not fact.
Also, Luke would like to correct any misconceptions about the term Theory. It is described well under its scientific meaning, however many people use it as though a theory could become a law. A theory is a logical explanation, or a testable model of the manner of interaction of a set of natural phenomena[1], it explains law, it is not law by itself.

Name Details[edit]

Luke is the name of two major characters from two totally different stories.
Star Wars: People who meet me, hear my name for the first time, or just think about it will say “Luke I am your Father.” My responses may range from “Rely!?!?” to “No that’s impossible!!!!!!!!!”
The Bible: Luke is the writer of a gospel that has been used by Christianity as one of four main gospels that make up the New Testament. Luke may have written a gospel but he was not a follower of Jesus while Jesus was present on earth. But Luke was well educated and wrote about Jesus in good chronological order.
St Anthony is the patron saint of lost items; I lose a lot of stuff so this is helpful.
A Burgess is a person who represents his/her people in a congressional manner.
The number 490 is the result of multiplying seven and seventy. When a man asked Jesus if he must forgive his brother seven times Jesus told him that he should forgive his brother seven times seventy times.