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My message

Hello fellow Wikipedians!

My name is Luke (not, as a lot of people seem to think, Lukeno), and I'm an 20 year old editor living in Reading, England. I edit a wide variety of articles, from things that directly interest me (games, computers, music, football, motorsport, automobiles) to those that I wouldn't normally take an interest in, but spot minor mistakes, or see something I can clean up. I do a lot of things here; fighting vandalism/sockpuppeters, cleaning up articles, generally improving articles and even starting new ones (some of which are at Good Article standard). I've also created and worked on categories and templates, and often contribute to WP:AFD debates as well. I'm not perfect, not even close, and I'll probably never be a Featured Article-standard writer, but I do my best, which I like to think is more than good enough.

I also operate the User:Lukeno52 account, although as of December 2014, it hasn't been used for a while.

Potential COI disclosures

Here is a list of things that I might be viewed to have a COI with, due to either knowing the person/their immediate family, or being an active student there (in the case of UoR). However, I believe that I have shown myself to be capable of editing neutrally in any circumstance, and am not too worried about editing the articles as a result. The COIs are also fairly minor, as there are no strong links here (bar perhaps UoR - but, again, I've previously nominated a halls of residence there for deletion on non-notability grounds, so I think that's a fair example of not being blinded!) There is one person whom I will not disclose, and that is as much for their privacy as mine, unless I ever have to do so via ArbCom, or until the privacy issue is rather smaller. I haven't edited their article at any point as of writing this, and will only do so to revert vandalism.

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