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Luke Weil My personal bio as an up and coming Snowboarder

I am simply a gifted athlete possessing a voracious tenacity found in very few individuals, Luke Weil – a professional snowboarder from Colorado – is poised to take the half-pipe by storm come the 2012 Nationals. Many individuals from his hometown near Aspen can’t wait to see what this extraordinary young man will do next.

Luke was born on January 26, 1986, and from an early age he was enthralled with winter sports. But it wasn’t until the mid-1990s, when snowboarding became popular, that he found his calling in life. Luke fondly remembers begging his parents to purchase him a snowboard, finally wearing them down enough around the time of his tenth birthday. Immediately, Luke sought out a teacher and began pursuing his dreams.

Within four years of receiving his first board young Luke was already competing in a wide variety of youth events throughout his home state. Refining his skills throughout high school, Luke decided to test his mettle at the 2007 Nationals at Northstar. Unfortunately, Luke was unable to compete due to an ankle injury sustained during a practice run. He was forced to stay away from the slopes for several months, but that time only served to strengthen his desire for victory.

In 2009, after compiling some of his best footage on video, Weil was offered sponsorship by K2. A leading distributor of skiing equipment, K2 enabled Luke to travel the world and compete in a multitude of big time events including Ticket to Ride (World Snowboard Tour).

Inspired by the heroic rise of legend Shaun White, Luke is currently training to compete in several USASA events. Beyond that, he hopes to participate in the Olympic trials. Nothing would please Luke more than representing Team USA at the Winter Olympics in Sochi come 2014.

There is much more to Luke than just snowboarding. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Colorado State University in 2008, has performed volunteer work for a variety of institutions and is known for his charitable contributions. During his free time he enjoys swimming, taking long nature hikes and sitting around the campfire with his family and friends.