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Lumi23 is a wikipedian living in Oku-noto (north part of Noto Peninsula) Japan. If you can read Japanese, you can see my detailed profile at the Japanese link.

  • Name: Lumi
  • Inhabit: Oku-Noto, Ishikawa, Japan
  • Education: Kyushu University Master course dropout. (Mathematics)
  • Specialty: Shintoism, Fortune-telling, Calendar, Set Theory
  • Occupation: Network site manager (programmer), divination writer.
  • Transport:-
    • Daihatsu Terios 1300cc. (automobile)
    • Bridgestone Transit-Light (folding bike)
  • Clubs on School days: Track and Field, Chorus, English, Library.
  • Qualification: NTT com mastar(double star).
  • Drivers License: Gold license.

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