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Hi, this is my user page. Obviously.

History With Wikis[edit]

Although this account is new, I have used Wikipedia avidly as a resource for some time. The reason I decided to create an account was so I could edit from my school, because the IP was blocked for non-registered users. I really like Wikipedia and hope to contribute avidly.

As for other wikis, the only other wiki I have ever used was Conservapedia, a wiki written from a conservative point of view but without a conservative bias, because that doesn't exist.


My Goals for Contributing to Wikipedia[edit]

I don't specialize in anything enough to be able to contribute much new information, but I enjoy reading articles in their entirety, so my goal is to improve the quality of as many articles as possible my correcting small spelling and other grammatical errors. My main interests are music, computers, and video games. As such, those pages are where I will spend the majority of my time, and they are where I will do the majority of my editing.

My Username[edit]

For those who are curious (which is probably nobody, as I doubt this will ever be read), the '2' in my name is because long ago, on a different site, I created an acount called The Luminite. However, he tragically died in a bizarre gardening accident. The police decided it was better left un-solved. So, I created the account Luminite2, and have used it ever since.