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I am currently pursuing doctorate degrees in epidemiology and medicine. My undergraduate degrees are in biochemistry and Spanish. My job history has been almost entirely at non-profit organizations, in direct service (teaching, case management), program planning, grant-writing, and administrative support.

I have a citizen's interest in politics, macroeconomics and social justice.

My motivation and measuring stick for my professional and volunteer activities is my religion, which, for me, is best captured in Christ's commandment to his disciples to love and serve one another.

I find exercise (particularly dance and exercise outdoors), trying new things, and some music to be restorative and energizing. I find wine, laughter, and some music to be soothing.

I am a late adopter of new technologies, for my age, region, and level of education. I am easily overwhelmed by new electronic gadgets.

My strongest skills, given my level of training, are organizing team projects, talking to strangers, reading critically, motivational interviewing, speaking Spanish, and connecting knowledge from disparate sources and fields.