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User Right Policy
For Recall and Emergency Removal Procedures
  1. This page sets out the procedures for recalling or emergency removal (as define in this procedure) of user rights that is held by the user ("Mailer diablo") on English Wikipedia.
  2. User rights for a case of emergency removal, under this procedure, will be regained by following the Protocol of Restoration in order to prove that the user is in control of the account.
  3. In an event of a successful recall, the user may only regain any of his User Rights via Requests for Adminship or any other election procedures.

Emergency Removal

4. Three users ("delegates"), whom the user has met in real life, shall be appointed as delegates and each provided with an individual code that resolves to the following SHA-1 values :

(user1) - (hash no. 1)
(user2) - (hash no. 2)
(user3) - (hash no. 3)

5. Under normal circumstances, none of the users are allowed to transmit any of their provided code to any other party.

6. In an event of an emergency, the delegates will be notified. Or if they believe in good cause that the account is blatantly compromised, they may also request for emergency removal. They shall post a notice on meta for all User Rights to be Emergency Removed, which they will then individually post their code. No delegate is allowed to post a code on another delegate's behalf; each must do so on their own account. The codes shall resolve to the three hashes as listed above.

7. Once (6) is met, any steward may remove all User Rights until the user regains control of the account under Protocol of Restoration.

Protocol of Restoration

8. Restoration of user rights by a steward shall only occur if the following conditions are met :

  • The user presents the two committed identities that resolves to the hashes that is as set out on User:Mailer diablo (19 February 2009 revision) AND
  • The two hashes are to be uploaded and displayed on the main page of

Recall Procedures

9. The procedures shall be the same as Wikipedia:Administrators open to recall/Default process, except that the six editors shall be administrators.

10. The delegates as set out on (4) shall clerk and certify the results of any recall petition.

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