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Tennis player names[edit]

In article titles[edit]

Projects should not mandate the use of names with or without diacritics. Spelling of tennis article titles should reflect the spelling used by reliable sources per: WP:UE, though note that WP:UE includes examples of names used with diacritics.

The "full name" of the player should be mentioned early in the lede per: WP:MOSBIO and WP:LEAD.

In the body of articles[edit]

In the body of the article we use the spelling of the names as it is found in the majority of sources used for the article. Adding diacritics back in for the names that have them in their native spelling would also require a source. WP:V

IPIN registration[edit]

Since 2004, the ITF uses an online registration system called IPIN. Players register themselves under an anglicized name; the ITF does not let players choose a name with diacritics.

Please do not input å â ñ é ö or any other letter which is not part of the English alphabet

By ITF convention this is always an English spelling name.[1] Without this registration players cannot compete in ITF Junior Circuit, ITF Pro Circuit, or ITF NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour tournaments.[2] The ITF Pro Circuit, however, does not include the tournaments on the ATP Tour or the WTA Tour.

All the official sources from ITF, ATP Tour, WTA Tour, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Grand Slam consistently use the player names based on this official IPIN registration.[citation needed] These are the names that get displayed on the scoreboard during matches, in the drawsheets, in the official results, in the official world rankings, and on the player profile pages displayed on the various tennis tour websites.

The vast majority of reliable English sources take their information from these official sources, and thus the IPIN name used in many sources may differ from the player's actual name. Even encyclopedias like Britannica, where native spelling of names is usually adhered to, use the player's name as found on the ITF site (thus non-diacritics) in nearly all cases: Tennis players at Britannica. Ilie Nastase and Helena Sukova (two names we currently keep with diacritics here on WP), are at their anglicized name. So is Novak Djokovic - though his name is in cyrillic (Новак Ђоковић) and according to WP:UE "must be transliterated."

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