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I'm a man of Irish, German, Dutch, Cherokee and Hawaiian ancestry (in about that order), and I live in Los Angeles, CA and Kane'ohe, HI. I've been fortunate to have traveled somewhat abroad and have also seen most of the western United States. I am currently single and I have a dog. Makua is my middle name. I have been a writer and editor, a teacher, an insurance agent, and I currently own a design business (interior design, exterior re-design and landscaping). I enjoy hiking and otherwise enjoying the outdoors, lifting weights, good food, loving my family & friends, and fighting for the underdog.

I'm passionate about several issues, in no particular order:

Hawaiian Sovereignty (with fairly moderate views)[[1]]
Marraige Equality[[2]]
Science of Mind (Religious Science) [[3]]
Global Warming [[4]]
Environmental Movement [[5]]

And in spite of my stubborn opinions, I've been told that I'm one heck of a nice, balanced guy... you be the judge!

Aloha kakou!


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