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Make sure you follow the relative priorities of the General Engineering team!

Goals for this week[edit]

  • see Daily/Weekly
  • Save and document Bugzilla queries Mark uses
  • Highest-priority bugs come in every 2 weeks -- check on that # and whether it is trending up/steady/down. Get those stats together, send to wikitech-l
  • Work this week on some basic template fixes that will bring small usablity improvements; get the draft to people. They're in templatetoolkit - Mark will stick into a patch in Bugzilla.

Goals for May[edit]

Longer-term: build infrastructure for future bug wranglers

Future Bug Wrangler[edit]

  • Schedule ShortURL deployment with Sam (or another shell user) and let User:Yuvipanda know.
  • Start on bugzilla-to-git tool
    • Should be relatively trivial (coordinate with gicodewarrior/Rusty Burchfield)
      1. Find Patches
      2. For each patch find where to submit it (phase3 only for now)
      3. Commit with credit to submitter




  • Catch up on bug mail
  • Stats on highest bugs
  • Check highest priority items on Bugzilla
  • Send Robla any new highest priority items


  • Hold weekly triage meeting
  • Watch out for bug reports from deployments - Village Pumps, Village Pump Technical.