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This is my page and i will be adding to it shortly!

Well I guess that now is "Shortly!"

I intend to seriously expand the pages about Methadone and Methadone Maintenance, (I think that Methadone maintenance should be renamed Methadone Treatment Programmes) as this would encompass the reduction side of the treatment aswell as the maintenance regime.

Did you know that the NHS has an annual budget of £104 Billion? thats £2 Billion a week, or £285 million per day, or £11 million per hour, or £183 Thousand per minute or £3000 per second. (Give or take a few quid)

Me thinks that it is about time to introduce a time span before new articles about "news" events are written about for inclusion into wikipedia. As I have discussed on several talk pages, people often jump the gun and see a news article and instantly whip out the lap-top and start creating. It is my profound belief that wikipedia is NOT a newspaper and should not be used as such.

5th October 2012 - just seen the good news that Abu "Hook Hamza is on his way to the USA. There is absolutly no truth that because he aint got a visa,they wont let him in!!!!.