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As of 2017, I am professor for Knowledge-Based Systems at the Faculty of Computer Science at TU Dresden. Important projects I have contributed to include Wikidata, and of course Semantic MediaWiki (see, which I started back in 2005 and to which many people since have contributed. For current information, see my homepage

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Historic editing notes (unchanged since around 2005)[edit]

Currently, I am most concerned with mathematical topics (very specific, isn't it? ;-). The whole subset of articles in this area evolves very well, but there are still huge amounts of knowledge to be added. The problem is, of course, that one needs to address different levels of background knowledge. So in an ideal world, every math article should have a readable intro (with some intuition) and an easy to find section "Formal defnition", followed by interesting stuff of increasing difficulty. The WikiProject Mathematics compiles some good proposals on how to approximate this goal. Many articles will be happy about any extension, but bigger ones are sometimes rather lacking readability and an easy to follow structure. I also constantly complain about the absence of literature references in articles that state nontrivial results without a proof.

My current TODO (if any) is order theory, which really has increased quite a bit. Domain theory will be extended as soon as the important basic notions of order theory are available.

The following list may be of interest when you are looking for someone to complain about the contents of a particular article -- if its name appears on the list I will be happy to find your comments on my talk page. Some of my more relevant contributions include (in no particular order):

The number of * indicates the amount of contribution found in each article (usually this means that I completely (re-)wrote the article and that it is not a stub now...). The main purpose of this is to motivate me for extending articles further even when they are already listed ;-)

Other non-mathematical articles I edited are: