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I'm a music fanatic and a sort of jack-of all-trades but there are some things I can really do well. Among those are: stringed-instrument repairs. I played a bit of guitar in my teens, then took to violin and cello. I have studied and performed Medieval vocal music from the original notations and classical Indian music. I accompanied lots of fine Indian musicians on tanpura during their concert tours. Newest to the family is the harpsichord, which I both learn to play as well as repair, regulate and do all those other things it needs doing. Since a couple of years, I am apprentice to a master builder.

I'm very interested in everything related to medieval, baroque and classical Indian music, various instruments and the physics (and metaphysics) of sound. I am also a concerned about formulation and description of these topics and the concepts behind it all. While practising my writing and editing capabilities, I hope to put some of my knowledge and verbal skills to good use for the community at large. Please let me know when I'm overdoing it or am just plain wrong. I wholeheartedly agree to the concept behind Wikipedia and think any article should be open to interested non-academics without offensing specialists. regards to all, martin-uddin