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As a philosopher without references other than what is said here

I have pointed out at talk:truth that truth has the nature of change, to differentiate it from any claims about truth and true statements that typically have no real impact on anything or anyone. Thus truth is always a very personal experience about various values and meanings about life.

As notified in the metaphysics forum, I might participate if and when I come across with something interesting. For instance, I have proposed that supernatural and paranormal would be differentiated by the idea of interaction, considerable within scope of paranormal phenomena.

Instead of claiming the above terminology i.e. conceptual issues as original research (OR), nor requiring references to literature, I would rather leave them for the peer review in its largest sense, as proposed by the Wikipedia ideology, be bold about your writings, or something similar.

As a personal opinion on another topic, if a bearer of all the names should exist then such entity cannot have a name, so that any related discussion ought to be hidden within context by using everyday terms such as life or something else that is common to everyone. For example, would you really think all life is like sand blow into air by the wind, carrying little purpose, once you stop and look at people walking on the streets, cars moving and so on. Rare are people actively telling that, without purpose? No, for quarrel? Maybe yes. Obviously, life does not require our reasoning, but our thoughts truly are a picture of the universe, telling the past, present and the future too. It is all for the benefit of us, nothing else.

--Marttir (talk) 22:56, 20 March 2009 (UTC)