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Welcome to my user page! Nothing much here at the moment. I will be adding more (if I don't forget) as time goes on...

Feel free to leave a comment on my talk page to contact me. I only edit intermittently but will reply the next time I'm signed in.

About Me[edit]

I'm a 28 year old Ph.D. student in mathematics from the United States with research in automorphic representation theory. I love to learn and have too many interests to list here at the moment, but perhaps my biggest guilty pleasures (read: the things I read about when I should be writing my dissertation!) various subjects in computer science (mostly subjects in data analysis (esp. of the topological variety), computer security, and artificial intelligence). I love Wikipedia and have been a frequent user nearly since its inception. My edits are sporadic and are most frequently small corrections. I am, however, interested in adding content to articles more often in the future when I finally have some free time. Previews of new sections will probably be added here in the future.

Pages to Edit[edit]

The following is a growing list of pages that I'm hoping to improve on / fix up once time allows: