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Monument of Sokołowo
Pomnik w Sokołowie 3.jpg
Monument commemorating the victims of the Battle of Sokołowo on May 2, 1848
Location Poland
Designer according to the idea Cyprian Kamil Norwid
Type obelisk

Monument of Sokołowo - a monument commemorating the victims of the Battle of Sokołowo fought May 2, 1848 during the Greater Poland Uprising 1848. In this battle against the forces of the Prussian led by Gen. A. Hirschfeld branch of the Polish insurgents stood together with local peasants under the leadership of Ludwika Mierosławskiego. The victorious battle for Poles killed more than 300 insurgents. This event also marks the Song of 1848. Monument was performed according to the instructions Cyprian Norwid.


Monument stays in Sokołowo village near trunk road 15 in Września's district, province wielkopolska.

History of the monument[edit]

Monument erected in autumn 1848, the dedication ceremony was held on November 23, 1848. In 1926, thanks to the generosity of Count Mycielski fenced property with stylized battle scythes. During the German occupation, the statue was destroyed by the Nazis. After the Second World War in 1945, the building was reconstructed, and in 1961 a monument was placed on an eight-meter mound. In 1998 the building was renovated to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Spring of Nations.