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Matthew Anton is an avid supporter of Wikipedia, both financially through donations and contributions to Wikipedia:Spoken articles

Biography (brief): Matthew Anton (Matt Anton) was born on November 4, 1983 in New Jersey. He grew up in a two parent household as a middle child. Dan Anton older brother, Scott Anton, younger brother. He is currently a father to one daughter and married to his wife Cassandra Anton. Matt grew up playing sports, with a focus on soccer, wrestling, baseball and football. After high school he attended The College of New Jersey where he studied Business Administration. After college Matt began creating websites and earning money online by driving traffic to his web properties. This then turned from a passionate hobby, to a career.

' Professional:' Matthew Anton is a provider of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, which helps businesses rank higher organically in the search engines, primarily Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Official website can be found here -> Matthew Anton. Showcases interviews, reviews, testimonials, service offerings and personal details.