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Matt senate
Matt senate white mountain

My name is Matt Senate. I spent time as a student at the University of California Berkeley studying Mathemagic, cooperatives, and many other things. I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. I spend most of my time learning, sharing, collaborating, and organizing.

Regional Ambassador[edit]

I was (until end of Fall 2011) a Wikipedia Regional Ambassador along with Derrick Coetzee for Region 10: California and Hawaii ("Pacifica" for fun). This role is part of the Wikipedia Ambassador Program.

Application for Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors[edit]

To apply to become a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador, please follow the instructions here.

Facilitating Fall 2011 Free Online Wikipedia Editing Course![edit]

Starting Sept 22, I'm facilitating a free, Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU) course for anyone who wants to learn how to edit Wikipedia! The idea is to aim for "Featured Article" quality just to find out what it may take--and if we fall short, we will still learn and do quite a bit! It's going to last 10 weeks, meeting once a week (thinking Thursdays after 7pm). Share far and wide ;)

Public Policy Initiative[edit]

I was a Campus Ambassador for the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative WP:USPP for the spring of 2011.

If I make any mistakes, please hold these two responsible: User:Rdunican (Public Policy) and User:Pjthepiano


What is a Sandbox?[edit]

It's nothing fancy! It's just a testing page you've created under your User Page (your page that looks like this, with your user name or whatever). It's used to prepare content for the MAIN SPACE of Wikipedia, and there's a cultural norm to leave Sandboxes alone, so nobody will bug you there!

If you want to test out some Wikipedia code or work on articles before you publish them, you should create a Sandbox (it's more like a playground).

Make a Sandbox[edit]

Just replace "MyUserName" with your user name and copy & paste this text into your User page:


and it'll show up like this: User:mattsenate/Sandbox

If you have not yet made this page with the Sandbox title, then the link will be red, so click on it to create your "Sandbox" page!

More Sandboxes??[edit]

For example, if I wanted to make another Sandbox I'd just do this:


Ta-da! User:mattsenate/Sandbox2

New Section[edit]

Hey I'm expanding my space


Or this:


Ta-da! User:mattsenate/WhateverBox

Favorite Featured Articles I Enjoy Reading[edit]

User Boxes[edit]

A Christmas Tree Homicide
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