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This will be brief, since I enjoy spending most of my time on Wikipedia creating or editing articles, and not a page about myself.

I was born in Cadillac, Michigan. Over the past year or so I have worked mostly on the Cadillac wiki page and a few others (most notably Lake Cadillac and William Mitchell State Park). I have lived there all my life, attending the local public schools, boating in the lake and driving the "strip" with my friends. If you ever visit, which I do recommend, make sure you get a slice - only $1 - or an entire pie of pizza from G & D's, which is right across main street (Mitchell Street) from the movie theater and the Roaring 20's Saloon; they make one of the best American-style pizzas available to the common man.

I graduated from Kalamazoo College last year, where I studied in Economics and Urban Affairs. I also spent a year at the London School of Economics.