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Yes, people, I've finally gotten a wiki account. Wikipedia is gOD. I'm a regular user of the TiPWiki, where the men are handsome, the women are beautiful, and the admins are nice people that I know well enough to debate with. So I'm a little wary of the giant Big-Brotheresque machine of the real Wikipedia. With a capital W. And I'm thinking a user page should be a user page. Like this. I am by no means a wikinoob. But there's this big long warning about not doing things right here. I think this is right. Can you write HTML in wiki, simple things like changing the text's boldness and such? Ionno. I'll try it anyway. Well, I'm off to join the Stagecraft group. Because I'm a techie at heart, a sound board operator mostly (but as is the nature of techies who love just being backstage and insane directors who have rendom decisions to not use mics in the middle of rehearsals or to bring in live music at the last minute...I've been on carpentry, followspot, a bit of lighting experience, and that manual labour known as stage crew. Wooo.). And for all you actors and unenlightened ordinary audience members, who I'm sure, have burning questions about the care, keeping ,and chemical makeup of techies...I'll try to answer it. If I have time after rehearsals, which are currently running from Never O Clock to Your Mom O Clock daily, until the currently-not-so-wonderful run of Blood Brothers ends. Well, I have to go.