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Max Perry has been a dance educator and choreographer for over 30 years. He has served as the technical director and national dance board member of both the Fred Astaire and the Arthur Murray dance studios, and is considered an expert in the field of “American Style” ballroom dancing, as well as being noted as one of the top “Line Dance” choreographers in the world. Max is recognized as one of the first choreographers to fuse “ballroom” dance styles into “line dancing” to create a new dance form known as “progressive or club dance”. He has also helped create a new syllabus and form for line called, “Line Dance Sport”which launched in 2003, with Max most recently installing the system in Ballroom and dance studios in New York, Washington DC, The Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.

With a home/office in Central Florida, Max, along with his partner Kathy Hunyadi, is constantly traveling to various dance events, workshops and competitions throughout the world. His articles and dances are published in several countries and in several languages. He is also a line dance judge and consultant for several dance organizations, as well as Master Examiner for Linedance Sport.

Max Perry is a CDMA (Country Dance Music Award) nominated choreographer for his dance “The Honky Tonk Twist”, and has received numerous other prestigious awards for excellence in choreography including “Best Dance in the Northeast” for “Swamp Thang” presented by Cowboy Beat magazine, “Best International Choreographer” from The Canadian Dance Music Awards voted by dancers throughout Canada. In 1997 Max was named “Honorary President of Line Dancing" by the British organization Country Music in the Arts and in 1998 “Top International Choreographer” by Linedancer magazine at the British Country Dance Music Awards in England and was inducted into the Line Dance Hall of Fame for Linedancer Magazine in 1999. Since then, Max has had numerous nominations for the Crystal Boot Awards. In January 2002 Max received the prestigious UCWDC Star Award for “Favorite Male Line Dance Instructor” at Worlds X in the Netherlands. In 2005 he received the Crystal Boot award for "Best International Choreographer" presented by Linedancer Magazine.

Max Perry returned from a tour of Germany, Switzerland and France where he performed for sell out audiences. Max has toured Australia, teaching 21 workshops in 26 days throughout the country and including a class in Tasmania. He has made numerous trips to England and Scotland and has taught in other countries including Singapore, Japan, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Estonia, which in the case of Finland and Estonia, was the first American dance instructor to teach there. In 2006 he represented the U.S. at the World Dance Olympiad in Majorca, Spain.

Some little known facts about Max include the fact that he was an accomplished musician having played keyboards professionally since the age of 12 and taught music before he ever knew how to dance! His hobbies include painting and photography (an accomplished portrait photographer). He is also a licensed minister and has performed a line dance marriage ceremony at a dance event.

Max Perry’s career gives him little time to do much else, but his enjoyment comes from doing choreography and teaching others how to dance. “I’ve always been a teacher and artist, and absolutely love what I do!”

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