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Hello, curious user. You have (by accident or design) reached the page of a mathematician (some mathematicians may attach interest to the fact that I have Erdos number 3, the Erdos number being one of many examples of something exercising a curious fascination for many mathematicians, but its interest being something of a mystery to the non-mathematician. For some such examples, the mystery can be dispelled by careful explanation of the matter at hand, and possibly placing it in a wider context. However, in my experience (to date,at least) the reason for the fascination of the Erdos number is lost in translation to the non-mathematician).

Those perplexed by the name of the page (and the absence of a mathematical connection) might recognise it as the name of a Jimi Hendrix track. My view on life is such that this neither adds to, nor detracts from, my credibility as a mathematician (a view which may not be universal). It does, however, afford me some anonymity, which I prefer to adopt for mainly philanthropic reasons.

Why do I wish to contribute? To help make more accurately written mathematics accessible to a wider audience, and to illuminate some unfamiliar areas of mathematics to those who may have a general or specialist interest in mathematics. I have not yet got around the problem of trying to expand background on articles where respecting the original structure and style adopted by the original author(s) may not be compatible with further natural development of the topic.

If I can add constructively and informatively to articles in other fields of interest, I may occasionally do so.