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My new page

Hello, and welcome to my new page.

Metalhead of the East
Birth name Metalhead (it really is!!!)
Also known as That Heavy Metal Dude
Origin Somewhere in London (that you don't need to know)
Genres Heavy metal, death metal
Occupation(s) Band guy
Instruments Bass guitar, guitar, drums
Years active 1989 - present
Associated acts Edge of Insanity, Absorbed

History on Wikipedia[edit]

I formerly edited under Thundermaster but I have now scrapped that account and am editing under this one. I decided I needed a fresh start here.

Where I edit[edit]

I edit under music fields mainly, and edit articles related to rock music.

What music I like[edit]

Mostly heavy metal and death metal, but some other rock music.

For a some bands, click here.
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