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W. Alexander & Sons was a bus company which operated in central and northern Scotland from 1924 to 1961.


In 1922, the founder of the company, Walter Alexander, decided that it would be beneficial to make buses for his own bus company (Alexander's Motor Service), so he, with the help of his son, launched W. Alexander & Sons Limited.

Walter Alexander sold the company to Scottish Motor Traction in 1929, but the company retained a large degree of independance. It continued to operate as a separate company after SMT was nationalised in 1948, but in 1952 its operations in the Inverness area were transferred to a new SMT subsidiary, Highland Omnibuses.

In 1961 the company was split into three. The successor companies were

  • W. Alexander & Sons (Fife) Ltd, based at Kirkcaldy
  • W. Alexander & Sons (Midland) Ltd, based at Falkirk
  • W. Alexander & Sons (Northern) Ltd, based at Aberdeen

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