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Colt .45 and Maverick[edit]

That's something I didn't realize, and thanks for letting me know about that, Michael. You know, I was looking at or somewhere just the other day and noticed that Colt .45 started in '57, if I'm not mistaken (assuming I'm not mixing that up with another show) and I thought it was a misprint. I think I first gleaned my thesis from one of the '94 Maverick books but I might've just assumed it, I don't know. It did happen that way for Tom Selleck with the Lance White character and Magnum (White was loosely based by Stephen J. Cannell on Waco Williams) but I wish I knew for sure offhand if what I said about Preston was merely an assumption or something I'd actually read somewhere. Skymasterson 04:51, 14 November 2007 (UTC)