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User Name[edit]

Middle Fork is my single-purpose Wikipedia alias. I just made it up when I created my account here because I read the instructions to suggest that I not use my own name. (I used to fly fish on the Middle Fork of the Feather River when I was young, back in the late 1950s and early 1960s.) My real name is Randy Milliken.

Home Location[edit]

I was born in Oakland, California, and my home has always been in central California. If I had a time machine, and could visit anywhere in time and space for one year, I would travel to the location of Lafayette, California during the 11th century AD. (Oh, yea, I would also want to have a built-in understanding of the languages of all people I encounter during the year. If you have a time machine, you might as well have that capability as well.)

Interests on Wikipedia[edit]

  • I am interested in editing Wikipedia articles that contain information about the ethnogeography and history of specific California Indian language groups and their constituent ethnographic socio-political groups. (I have a Ph.D. in anthropology from U.C. Berkeley, thanks to the inspiration of Jim Bennyhoff and to the fact that Nelson Graburn saved me from myself.)
  • I also find myself drawn to improving reference citations for articles on European and Asian prehistory and ancient history. Its amazing how many people forget to add "publication date" to their references.