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MIKE HYNSON: Born June 28, 1942, Crescent City, CA): Mike Hynson is the swaggering American co-star of the 1966 crossover hit "The Endless Summer," and creator of the popular Gordon and Smith produced "Red Fin" signature model board. Hynson is now a celebrated and world-renown surfboard shaper/designer, working from his beachside studio in Encinitas, California; Born in 1942, Hynson's family moved back and forth from the Island of Oahu to San Diego's Pacific Beach in the 40s and 50s, where he began surfing in earnest in his late teens.

Graceful and stylish, Hynson rapidly rose through the ranks to become one of the area's finest surfers, his incomparable skill enabling him to become one of the first to ride the infamous "Pipeline" on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. Two years later, filmmaker Bruce Brown asked Hynson to star in his new film, "The Endless Summer," which required Hynson to travel the globe chasing the summer and the perfect wave.


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