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My name is Michael, though I am more commonly known online as Mikekearn (and occasionally Dragonmanweb). I have used Wikipedia for a very long time, and been a member for much of that time. I have always made a concerted effort to fix anything I see wrong with an article, something that allows my inner nitpicker to run wild. Many a time I have read something, found an error, and wished I could fix it. Wikipedia allows this, and as such is a haven for me.

As for big changes or article writing, there was only one I wanted to do, but for some reason the article was permanently deleted. It was about the Loserz webcomic, but it's been protected from recreation. I am very disappointed in Wikipedia for this, but I don't know what to do to ask for or petition it's return.

Other than that gross miscarriage of justice, Wikipedia has in general been a veritable fount of useless information. Useless in such that I will never use it, not that the information itself is of no use.

I think I have rambled enough, even though this is my talk page.