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Wikipedia experience[edit]

I joined Wikipedia in september 2017 so I'm very much a newby. It's been a steep learning curve, but with the help of a coach, I've contributed to a new page in the Dutch Wikipedia. I'm also learning more about the Wikipedia foundation/movement and its various projects.


I'm British and I've been a Dutch resident for 40 years. I'm bi-lingual (EN/NL)and I contribute to Wikipedia pages/discussions in both languages.

Personal Interests[edit]

My personal interests are music, photography, modern art (1800 onwards) and world history from about 1000 AD onwards.

Declared Interests[edit]

I do occasional voluntary work for a number of local non-profit organisations including BredaPhoto which organises a bi-annual photography festival in my home town. I recently contributed to a Dutch Wikipedia page about BredaPhoto. The page has been reviewed and approved by my Wikipedia coach and 2 other independent Wikipedia editors.

Subject area knowledge[edit]

My main work-related experience has been in:

  • Human Resources Development (especially 'Learning')
  • Organizational Change Management, especially in relation to large-scale ICT-projects
  • Communications (generally and especially via digital channels.)
  • Online communities (as coordinator/moderator)
  • Health and Social Services in the Netherlands
  • (Small-scale) project management

These - together with my personal interests - are the kinds of subject areas that I'd be most likely to contribute to.


For Wikipedia, I see my main competences as writing (for an audience), translation, and processing visual and audio media. I also have a natural inclination (and curiosity) to try and understand as much of the 'broader context' as I can in my work and hobbies. The Wikimedia foundation and movement is truly vast in its scope and ambition. I am still figuring out where and how I can best contribute.

My Vision/Goals for Wikipedia[edit]

I share the Wikimedia Vision/Goals that resulted from the 2017 Strategic Direction process (phase 1). My personal Nr 1. priorities are:

  1. that Wikimedia becomes much more of a true collaborative partner in the broader 'knowledge ecosystem'. And that it selectively adds value where it most able and needed, letting other partners add value where they are more able to do this"
  2. that Wikimedia successfully deals with the organizational challenges highlighted during the introduction of the Berlin 2017 Strategy conference on the slide "What challenges will we deal with?"

Getting in touch[edit]

Feel free to leave a message on my Talk page!