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About Me[edit]

My name's Mike, I am 21 years old English male living in West Sussex. Currently I am studying Playwork and Youth Studies at university and I work part time as a carer.

My hobbies and intrest include playing chess, socialising and I am an experienced guitarist, able to play blues, rock and classical music.

Currently I am doing guitar exams in my spare time, in the past year I have completed my classical and electrical grade one and am now going on to grade two. In the past Year I have studied sign language- results pending.

My controversies as a source[edit]

I have very negative views towards recreational drugs due to the effect that it has on people as I have had experience working with ex drug users, on the otherhand I have had first hand experience in dealing with the psychotic and neurotic patients sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

I have very anti capitalist views which lead to a strong abhorence to multi national corperations, I support fair trade and feel that multi national corperations often exploit the poor, it is worth noting however that I do not believe in communism, I believe in fairer capitalism.

As for my political opinions, I will never form my opinions on issues until I feel I have an adequate ammount of facts in order make an opinion, this may be seen as 'sitting on the fence' however I like to think things over before I decide on my point of view. In a nut shell my views are that I agree with legalised abortion, agree with the mental health act, agree with increasing the pension age in Britain, I strongly oppose the Iraq war, however I feel to pull out in a rush would lead the country in ruins and I believe that mankinds love of money is it's penultimate downfall.

Some may see this as a weakness some don't but I'm Dyspraxic, this only affects my handwriting however and i'm a slow reader.

I always write in a British English style and never a US English style.

Strengths as a source[edit]

Currently I am studying Sociology, History and Psychology on an access course, in the past I have studied Health and Social Care, Media Studies and Biology. I am used to academic writing and this is an important aspect of my course. These have influenced the way in which I write by knowing the importance of using many sources and the importance of neutrality.

Neutrality, not tied to any groups