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(pronounced /ˈmaɪ͜nˌtɹuli/)

I'm new to editing Wikipedia.

If you've caught me doing something wrong, I welcome your criticism on my Talk page. All advice will be gratefully read.

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Works in Progress[edit]

  • Researching to create an article on Deafs in Popular Culture. (! Please let me know if you are an expert in Deaf culture who can help me make sure I am using inoffensive terminology.)
  • Considering getting permission from Cambridge University Press to use the IPA Handbook to create more Wikipedia:IPA for [Language] pages. I have sufficient phonetic knowledge to interpret the rules for allophonic variation presented by the Handbook, so it should be possible to create accurate pronunciation guides with no other knowledge of the language. Then the page will be there for non-experts to reference and experts to fine-tune. Does anyone have thoughts on this?


New Articles[edit]


Number of References in the article on Geneva Conventions: 15

Number of References in the article on World economy: 3

Number of Reference in the article on the Theory of Relativity: 8

Number of References in the article on Ferret legging: 49

My 22-year-old, college-going friend and I were talking and the subject drifted to Wikipedia. My friend revealed to me that he did not know how to spell "Wikipedia," and, rather than learn, he finds the website by typing "wiki" into Google and picking it out from the search results.