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I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California in the late 1970s and early 1980s. When I lived in California, I used to go to San Jose Earthquakes and national team games in Spartan Stadium. I also had the misfortune of watching the 1985 Torrance debacle live on T.V.[1] With pro teams coming and going every few years, I just never gave my alliegiance to any of them. Instead, I became a fan of the U.S. national team and have remained so for over twenty years.

Wikipedia goals[edit]

  • Ensure all the players in the following groups have bios:
01. Hermann Trophy - Done
02. Missouri Athletic Club Player of the Year - Done
03. NSCAA Player of the Year - Done
04. Soccer America Player of the Year Award - Done
05. Soccer America College Team of the Century - Done
06. ISAA Player of the Year - Done
07. ISAA Goalkeeper of the Year - Done
08. U.S. players in the 1996 MLS Inaugural Allocations - Done
09. U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year - Done
10. Every player on a U.S. World Cup roster - Done
11. Every U.S. men's Olympic soccer player from 1972 to today - Done
12. Every player who has played for the U.S. national team - Done
  • Ensure articles exist for the following teams and competitions:
01. UNC women's soccer team - Done
02. UCLA, Indiana, Virginia and St. Louis men's college soccer teams - Not started
03. Each Western Soccer Alliance team - Done
04. Every San Francisco, Portland and Seattle men's pro team - Done
05. Each U.S. Cup - Done
06. Joe Robbie Cup - Done
07. World Series of Soccer - Done
08. Marlboro Cup - Done
09. Each of the four NAFC Championship tournaments - Done
10. Record of every U.S. national team game broken down by opponent and decade - Done
  • Other projects that I work on from time to time:
1. Ensure every U.S. and Canadian professional soccer team has a corresponding player category
2. Ensure each U.S. and Canadian professional soccer league (indoor and outdoor) has a corresponding category
3. Generally go through U.S. soccer bios, but also some non-U.S. bios if the guy played in the U.S., and clean them up.
4. As a fan of the short lived Western Soccer Alliance, I've been creating bios of guys who played in that league.
5. Writing articles related to early twentieth century U.S. soccer, including the National Challenge Cup, Southern New England Soccer League, National Association Football League, the first American Soccer League and various controversies and organizations.