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October 2009 to Present[edit]

Employed as a programmer since October 2009.

May 2009[edit]

Graduated from a small, but locally respected university with a Bachelor's of Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Information Systems. Current professional work has emphasis on business intelligence and data driven analysis.

2000 - 2009[edit]

General IT support for a hospital.


I am generally interested and active in politics, but I maintain a healthy skepticism of it all. My general political philosophy is quite libertarian. I believe that the government must present compelling evidence when asking citizens to forego freedoms.


Books and audiobooks[edit]

The last serious literature I read was War and Peace, but more recent literature has not been worth mentioning.


Current game of choice is Dragon Age Origins, and I curse its unbearably long load screens.


It has been said before that chess players are too practical to dream that they have more talent than they really do. So it is. I have moments when I play exceptionally well, but I must constantly slow myself down and force myself to think through the possibilities. Years working a job where I was free to play speed chess on the gameknot servers has both seriously damaged my playing ability and created an instinct for quick evaluationless evaluations. Toss that up for what it is.


.net, asp, c#, java, sql, and windows support. I have dabbled in it all. Current professional work is in c# and .net as well as sql.

Chess and Computers[edit]

No this was not a typo although it may qualify as being a bit of a joke.