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Welcome! I'm a new Wikipedia editor (mostly a reader) that focuses on a wide variety of articles depending on what I'm interested in that week. I mostly fix grammatical errors or rewrite badly worded sentences to help with article flow. I also attempt to add useful insight to discussions on the talk page where possible.

I've done a majority of my wiki editing on WoWWiki[1], a wiki devoted to information on the World of Warcraft game and the Warcraft universe.

Don't be a stranger! Leave me a message on my talk page.

See the trouble I'm getting into! Check my contribs.

Guidelines for experienced editors[edit]

  • If it's helpful, keep it.
  • Don't abuse the {{delete}} template. Be good faith about articles, whether they're "notable" or not. Only remove an article when it is not helpful at all.
  • Don't target the edits of people who haven't done much editing in the past. Just because one or two comments or additions to an article might be a person's first edits, don't blatantly disregard their additions if they're at all questionable.
  • Please help make Wikipedia a friendly place to work. The people who edit these articles are volunteers. If it doesn't feel friendly, people aren't going to contribute. Avoid bureaucracy, treat new editors with the same respect as old editors, and let people enjoy themselves.