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Author(s) John Kleckner
Current status / schedule Updates every Monday
Launch date March 2, 2010
Genre(s) Video Game, Humor, Pun

Hejibits is a humorous webcomic written and illustrated by John Kleckner. Originally featuring only comics about the author's roommate and his antics, Hejibits has since branched out to include comics based on video games, the video game industry, events from the author's life, and puns.


Hejibits consists of single strip jokes and does not have an overarching plot. The only recurring characters are popular video game characters such as Link and Mario, major figures in the video game industry such as Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto, and real people such as the author and his roommate. Much of the comic's humor relies on over-exaggerated facial expressions[1], references to video games[2], pauses before the delivery of a punch line[3], and puns[4].


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