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Hello, My wikipedian alias as you all might have noticed already, is mouselmm. I was born in the city of Shanghai, located off the east coast of China. My family history traces back to the city of Wuxi. It wasn't a while ago that I have moved to the city of Toronto in Canada.

Origin of "mouselmm"[edit]

The name mouselmm is so unique that when you search the name "mouselmm". The results will come back with accounts all controlled by me. This bizzare alias came from the words that were once on my mousepad - mouselnn. This name later lost the n's at the end and were replaced by m's. And there you have the name "mouselmm".

Current Major Project[edit]

These are the articles I have paid close attention on and constantly edit its contents

Dynasty Warriors[edit]

Current Minor Project[edit]

These are the articles I sometimes visit, and made adjustments if I see any considerable errors


Articles Started by me[edit]

The following article was started/created by me

Sangokushi X[edit]


Why did you choose to be a communist, I would just like to know as I am curious what draws people to the deep ends [on the left and right] of the political spectrum. Sincerly--Something12356789 (talk) 00:03, 9 May 2009 (UTC)