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Hi I am MrDannyDoodah, otherwise known as Danny Webb, I am 30, from Wiltshire in the UK, and I have been an amateur genealogist for many years. At school I particularly excelled at Mathematics, taking both my GSCE a year early (Grade A), and beginning my A-Level a year early, before revisiting and completing my A-Level in my first year at sixth form college (Grade A) and taking a second Further Mathematics A-Level in my second year (Grade C). I have a very good eye for detail, enjoying researching many subjects and compiling lists of data from new angles, and have a good knowledge of English spelling and grammar, and have now decided to bring these skills to Wikipedia. As I am new to Wikipedia I am sure that, despite having only good intentions, I will make a few (or more) mistakes along the way, so I ask fellow wikipedians to be patient with me until I get up to speed with things. MrDannyDoodah (talk) 18:25, 15 June 2013 (UTC)