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My very first contribution to Wiki, Banana juice was quickly deleted. It's a facinating topic to research. (The juice, not the deletion.) Getting juice from this starchy plant wasn't possible until around 2004 or so.

Other articles I have started from scratch:

Articles I feel that I have made a major contribution to:

...And an endless number of articles with minor changes.

I have a mild form of Associative Prosopagnosia. This makes watching some movies an excercise in frustration. Chariots of Fire is my earliest memory of a movie that made no sense at all- because all of the main actors dressed & looked (to me at least) alike. Likewise, most young hollywood actresses are completly interchangable- they all look nearly alike and act equally badly.

I don't have Synesthesia, but find the topic facinating.

My Pseudonym was originally "Mr. Spock", but back in the 80's I found that name frequently taken on BBS's. Thus "Mr.Logic" was formed. I have been using this name for decades, and only recently learned of the character Mr Logic.