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  • Please note that my presence on Wikipedia can be sporadic and inconsistant. I may make edits several times a day or I may not log in for a month. I will do my best to respond to posts addressed to me or to issues anyone has with any of my edits or proposals, but if I do not address something in a "timely fashion" please don't take it personally - it's just because I haven't had time or haven't been online recently.



Hi there! If you have a question about or problem with one of my edits, or something I have said on an article's discussion page,or just want to say hi, I welcome your feedback on my Discussion page. (but please make sure it is respectful, constructive and that you remember to sign it).

The articles I edit are extremely varied. Often I edit random articles that I happen across that I see are in need of editing, sometimes they may be personal interests of mine or articles that I find while researching a particular topic. I try my best to keep my edits neutral and to properly attribute statements. I also like copy-editing, that is doing editing that doesn't make any significant changes to the content but is mainly for things like grammar, neutrality, clarity or specificity, flow, readability, etc. Sometimes you might also see me in discussions within the Wikipedia community, involving things such as articles or redirects proposed for deletion or renaming moves.

Recent Contributions[edit]

Here are some articles I have recently contributed to which are in need of a lot more work:[edit]

Editors: the following articles are just a few that I've come across which are badly in need of attention. (*at least they were when I posted them here). Just in case you feel like helping out... ;-)

  • Submersible (this article needs more fleshing out)
  • Squamish people (Update: article is now renamed; I have done work on grammar and general copy-editing but I'm sure there is still more to do)
  • Prostitution (needs some fact-checking, some parts/wording need to be less biased, & more info supporting other points of view needs to be added as there is a lot of contradicting info on this topic out there, so this should be addressed in the article instead of only presenting one pov & only info supporting that pov as the "facts", mis-quoting or twisting statistics, etc)
  • Feminist views on prostitution (basically same reasons as the Prostitution article listed above; one pov is severely under-represented)
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Sexology and sexuality/Sex work task force (not an article, just a project I'm interested in that needs more activity)
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Sexology and sexuality (same as above)
  • Ayahuasca (see my posts on Talk:Ayahuasca about information I think the article is lacking)

Other Contributions:[edit]

Please click here to see my complete list of contributions.

Other information about me[edit]

I chose the username "MsBatfish" without really giving it too much thought, because "Batfish" was already taken. Batfish are a type of fish that hold a special place in my heart ;-)

I am a member of the Sex Work Task Force.
I am a member of the Sexology and Sexuality Project.

My Sandbox

Some Useful Links:[edit]

(In no particular order at the moment)
Wikipedia:Revert only when necessary
Logical fallacy
Parkinson's Law of Triviality
Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup
Wikipedia:Deletion policy
Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion
Reasons to delete a redirect
User:Steven Zhang/Adoption
Wikipedia:Perennial proposals
List of English words with disputed usage
Serial comma
(Just gradually adding things that I might like to refer to as I come across them...)

Fun userboxes and things[edit]

Majority ≠ right This user recognizes that even if 300,000,000 people make the same mistake, it's still a mistake.
Emblem-favorites.svg This user thinks good grammar is sexy.
CA This user uses
Canadian English spelling.
2kip.png This user is part of the Countering Systemic Bias WikiProject
Information.svg This user is irked by vandals and their inherent evil.
Mix This user has been influenced by too many dialects of English to use one orthography, vocabulary and grammar consistently.