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Hi, I'm Dr. T. Nathan (Mundhenk)[edit]

you've found my Wiki personal page. Thanks for dropping by. I'm a semi-regular contributor to various wiki projects. I like to add things where it seems like there is a need. Feel free to poke me with comments and suggestions about contributions and edits.

This is me in San Francisco, I am cool.

My Picture of the Year Finalist[edit]

Cicada Molting
Picture of the Year Finalist 2008


  1. View Salient Nerds at the Lab
  2. Contour Integration Home Page
  3. Cool Artificial Intelligence Projects for Teaching AI
  4. Nate's Personal Home Page
  5. Research Demo Videos on YouTube
  6. Digital Artwork for Fun

Wikiversity Pages I've Started[edit]

  1. Learning and Neural Networks
  2. Uninformed Search Project
  3. Simulated Annealing Project

Email Me[edit]

(I'm actually a nice guy, please no flames)