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Name Source[edit]

MycroftHolmes4 refers to two separate works of literature. Mycroft Holmes was the brother of Sherlock Holmes. It was also a name given to the HOLMES, Mark IV computer from Robert Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.

About Me[edit]

I'm a guy with a computer. Typically, I'm also sorely in need of a non-work related distraction. So, I edit things. The edits are hardly of the highest writing quality, but at least they (hopefully) improve upon what is there.

When I edit, I tend to make sections smaller and try to remove the passive voice. But I do not have the time to "adopt" a page and do a full series of good edits on it, so I just do what I can. That being said, pages tend to get shorter after I get to them.


This is the space where I learn about various Wikipedia features by doing them to my page first.

Random Stuff[edit]

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